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Number one event planning company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ADD adds life to all events. Passionate and dedicated, we provide flawless services and offer exceptional events.

Who we are

ADD is an event planning and organization company. We provide integrated services, plan and organize diverse events, coordinate event logistics and deliver technical requirements specifically tailored for each event.
At ADD, we believe in our role in transforming every event into a magnificent experience. We approach each event as a challenge that will lead to creative and innovative solutions.
We work diligently to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, to create a positive impact on society and to communicate our message effectively to our audience.
Our team expertly manages a wide range of events. This diverse team works as a unit to surpass the expectations of our individual clients. They approach each event as a fresh challenge through which they aim to reach new horizons.

What we do

Utilizing our global reach and worldwide network, we aim to get each event’s message across through cutting-edge platforms and tools.
We offer a full range of event planning services, including logistical services, audio, and visual services, all depending on the client and event requirements.
These services include but are not exclusive to organizing and setting up galleries, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, galas, social and corporate events. We also offer branding services and modernized marketing approaches that utilize a variety of social media platforms. Our offices can be found in Riyadh, Dubai, and London.

Event planning

We believe that event planning is an art. Our approach to this form of art includes choreographing people and activities to create a spectacular event that is treasured for a lifetime. Planning and organizing an event, whether it be a meeting, corporate event, a conference, a festival or any other event, is a feat that as much as we are passionate about we take in all seriousness.

Event logistics

If event planning is an art event logistics is a science. It is the science of controlling and managing the transfer, storage and other practical operations in the process of event management. We offer our clients top-notch element planning and management for fast and seamless operation.

Audio and visual services

From large scale events to smaller gatherings, we can provide a wide range of audio and visual services that fit each client’s specific needs. We have the equipment and experience to deliver audio and visual solutions to exceed expectations. We have been working with numerous clients across various sectors to provide bespoke services.

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