Share & Shine

Millions of thoughts knock our doors every day, an idea that saves time or an idea that opens un existed doors Unleash your ideas!
We hear you and we care! Even if the thoughts are unusual and fictional.
Contribute to creating an opportunity or solving a problem and get out of the limits of your planet, we invite you to share your thoughts with us to develop the group’s services and win valuable prizes.


Through your daily work, you definitely tried many creative ways that save you time or effort or reduce costs, or maybe you had a creative idea to solve a problem that your team suffers from. Share your idea with the think track and reduce the cost, shorten the time or increase profits for any of the five companies activities.


Terms and conditions:

  • The problem should be within the scope of work of the five companies.
  • The goal of solving the problem is to reduce cost, increase profits or shorten time.
  • The solution should be realistic.


As a part of this group, you fully know the capabilities of your colleagues and what each company can offer. Share with us an idea for a new product or service which can open new market for the group, all ideas are welcome even if it’s not related to our field.


Terms and conditions:

  • idea should be in-demand in the market.
  • The idea should have the future to grow and develop.


Do you have an idea from outside our field or even outside the planet? Unleash your imagination and inspire us with any imagine idea.



Terms and conditions:

  • There’s no conditions for crazy ideas

General conditions for participation:

  • The participate should be an employee in one of the five Add Group companies.
  • The participate should build a team of no less than two people and no more than 4 of the group’s employees.
  • The employee can participate in more than one track and with different teams.
  • The competition Committee has the right to withhold the prize for any track if there’s no qualified ideas.

For Registration