The Future Is Wearable Technology

In an industry that is ever evolving to meet the clients and consumer needs. Experts predict that in the near future we will see great use of wearable technologies in the field of event organization. We gathered the best and latest technologies you can adopt it in your upcoming events and conferences: Smart badges It’s been around for a while now. The badge could include all the information on each visitor and can be a fast way to communication, access control, networking, cashless payments, and data collecting. Eyewear Smart-glasses can be used as a real-time translation tool. It can also be used in virtual and augmented reality scenarios. Shoes Think about charging your mobile devices from your movement energy! Smart shoes could be a moving power bank. It can also be useful for data collection on visitors’ behavior and movement around the event. Better navigation at events with direction prompts This technology relies on smart watches and wristbands. Using GPS and connected to the event application you can enter your desired destination and your watch or wrist band will locate it. This is great for large events or conferences and it will surely save a lot of time.

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